Our Strategic Solutions


Hiring Impactful Leaders

Fully packaged Jobber Method that changes the way Executive Recruiting is delivered – focused on inclusive, people-first candidates

Five (5) years of experience working directly with leaders and organizations to understand the value and impact the right leaders can have on the success of those organizations has led to the development of our proven leadership search process. Jobber Group has successfully completed multiple Leadership searches ranging from CEO to VP roles. In ~90 days we deliver:

Executive Leadership Strategy Lab (2-4 hours) & 90-Day Project Plan

Digital Candidate Experience (Internal/External) & Marketing and Communication Build-Out

Full Interview Question Development

Sourcing and Pre-screen of Initial Candidates

Measurement Strategy & Delivery of Baseline Candidate Profile Data for Equal Comparison

Interview Process Consulting and Participation as Required, including On-Site Final Candidate Interview and Final Hire Coordination & Weekly Strategy Calls for Project Duration

Your organization will have one (1) leadership hire. And most of our clients have offered or wanted to offer roles to 1-2 of the remaining candidate finalists.

Leadership Scale-Up Strategy

We train and arm companies with proven processes to Attract, Engage and Hire the best leaders for your companies

Jobber Group has spent five (5) years developing a proven process to attract, engage and hire leaders of impact for organizations. While recruiting of talent is mandatory and frequent within all organizations, leadership recruiting and hiring is less frequent and most talent acquisition teams are not well prepared for the process. Jobber Group can deliver a high value/short duration preparation class to talent acquisition teams to prepare them to hire leaders. We deliver a fully immersive 1-2 day Strategy and Implementation Engagement with a step-by-step build-out of your search using the Jobber Group Method:

Strategy Lab (8-12 hours) & 90-120 Day Process Outline

Digital Candidate Experience (Internal/External) & Marketing and Communication Build-Out

Full Interview Question Development

Measurement Strategy & Delivery of Template Baseline Candidate Profile

Team Roles and Responsibilities

Weekly Strategy Calls for 12 Weeks

Your team will have everything they need at the end of this 1-2 day strategic engagement to begin looking for your next great leader of impact.

Fractional Leadership

Working directly with Executives to implement their talent initiatives and tactical strategies for attraction and engagement of talent

The hardest problems that companies face take talent to solve them. Jobber Group has built a model empowering you to have access to great leaders on a fractional basis to collaborate, brainstorm, and strategize best-practices and potential solutions.  We help leaders develop their long-term solutions to their biggest concerns. Diverse minds solve complex problems. We do this using the following strategies:

Executive Business Challenge Discovery Session (2 hours)

Fractional Executive Talent Acquisition Processes

Define Fractional Executive Strategy Success Metrics

Multi-Layer Collaboration Session with Industry Targeted Fractional Leaders

Corporate Debrief and Findings Discussion

Your organization will learn to build and scale a sustainable talent strategy for optimal growth of your most important asset, your people.

``If you are looking to gain access to great leaders willing to help you build a great company, call Jobber Group.``