Is your employee acquisition strategy an afterthought or competitive advantage?

At Jobber Group, we help companies identify patterns of character traits within their top performing employees and operationalize a plan to leverage psychographics and data to effectively build their teams and organization.
The core of every smart company is the power of human ingenuity. Companies need employees who understand and embrace the employer culture while empowering the company to adapt to rapidly changing industries and markets.

Benefits of Persona-Driven Employer Branding

Building Talent Acquisition Success

Jobber Group has developed a proprietary talent persona platform.
We are far more than a staffing agency or a branding firm. We are a group of talent acquisition and brand experts who understand the unique challenges facing companies today.
We are Jobber Group.
Talent is a terrible thing to waste. Most companies are using only a fraction of their employees’ potential.

– Forbes

70% of employees are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work.

– Gallup Poll 2016

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Elements by Jobber Group defines key character traits as they relate to those who work around us. Learning how our co-workers tick and what makes them so valuable is critical to the future of hiring for companies.
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