Persona Platform creates a scalable and measurable way for enterprises hiring based on soft skills

Denver, Colo. Friday, June 16, 2017: Jobber Group, a start-up based in Denver, announces development and beta of our new Persona Platform used to quantify and measure soft skills during the hiring process.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal 30% of the individual’s first-year potential earnings. Often, a bad hiring decision can be attributed to subjective bias or lack of recruiting strategy. To build confidence in hiring and as companies grow, different disciplines or departments can start to measure certain character traits in employees that spur exceptional performance and curate the authentic culture of the company, driving overall success.

“As companies look to hire for the future it’s important to analyze things beyond the current tech stack or hard skills. What are the traits, or elements as we call them, that drive successful business outcomes for your company,” shares Joe Thurman, CEO, Jobber Group. “Great companies do this in doses, but it’s not scalable and not consistent among departments and individual hiring managers. Companies must create a Persona Trait Baseline which is tied to measurable outcomes for the business.”

The new Persona Platform can be accessed on mobile and desktop for ease of use anywhere and anytime. All the components are unique to each client’s Employee Persona and are tailored to measure if the candidate will truly be a great fit. As the capabilities of machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) continue to advance, the feasibility of predictive analytics within the talent and recruiting space is quickly becoming a reality. The platform also serves as a centralized location for hiring documents, Persona-driven interview questions, training and hiring statistics.

In addition to interacting with Persona traits, the platform provides positive and negative indicators of the candidate’s responses and allows the users to input answers, notes and other data to track and measure the candidate fit.

Jobber Group services a variety of clients nationwide and the new Persona Platform is in beta with several Fortune 500 companies at this time.

“The response and excitement from our clients proves the need for a trait-driven measuring platform and the appetite for true predictive analytics around hiring,” continues Joe. “We are excited to introduce this to more companies looking for top talent that is the ‘right’ fit for their organization.”


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