Why we Work!

Jobber Group was created by people who care. We want to change the way the world works. We work to help leaders understand, optimize and align their human capital to drive business success. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and only believe in doing things that add value to the companies we serve.

We are Disruptors!

Engagement, culture, retention and beyond. We use data and discovery to drive continuous organizational improvement. With truthful, respectful communication and a measurable goal in mind, we help companies with complete talent strategies custom to their organization.

We are Connectors!

Authenticity is all we care about. Your people are your culture. Your culture is your brand. Let’s tell your true and amazing story. Let’s build your sphere of influence. We love connecting the right people to the right companies.

The Strategy Lab

We believe in collaboration, community and adding value to our clients and partners whenever an opportunity presents. We were in constant communication with our clients and partners, and always looking for a place to meet. So we thought, why not “room” with partners who believe in the power of engaged employees?

Thus, the Strategy Lab was born – a collaborative space shared by Jobber Group & Prosono and open to all!

Please drop into our Strategy Lab whenever you want. We’re always looking for more impactful collisions!

Meet a Few Jobber Groupies!

Lana Maes

Lana Maes

I love helping people. As a recruiter, it makes me really happy when someone gets that job they really wanted. But more than that, I like the challenge. I enjoy finding the person that not only fits the skills required but fits the culture of the company as well. I work for a flexible lifestyle that still allows me to be a part of a great company that is growing, and changing the way companies select talent.

UB Ciminieri

UB Ciminieri

I work because I appreciate listening, learning and thinking of better ways to do business, as an individual and as part of a team.  Then, I work to share my ideas and lessons to help others accomplish more as well.

Joe Thurman

Joe Thurman

I love the puzzle and challenge of solving business problems. I’m passionate about the tasks I take on every day.   Curiosity for finding continuously better solutions motivates me to work every day.